Coffee and education for all

Directly support the communities that grow your coffee.

Support the children of coffee growers


Your office can be a force for good, one cup at a time.


What you can expect

High quality, high impact

Our coffee is grown in the highest altitude communities of Central Honduras. Professional coffee graders apply the Specialty Coffee Association’s criteria to score our coffee. All coffee sold holds a score between 80-85. We pay above market rate to our producers who are also the parents of students studying on scholarships funded with Adelante profits.

Roasted to order

Always count on your coffee to be roasted in our Bay Area facility the same week that you receive it.

Traceable and transparent beans

All of our beans come from communities where our nonprofit partner works daily to make education accessible to the children of small coffee producers.


Something extra for the coffee lovers in the office.

Connect directly to the source through our curated Q&A sessions with the students your purchase supports. Hear about life in a coffee-growing community, learn about how coffee is harvested and processed, understand why education is so important in rural communities, and more.

Receive quarterly impact reports that showcase students and families that have been impacted through your office’s purchases.

the coffee behind the cause

The coffee is great, aroma, taste is first class.

It's soooo good!! I've tried it with a French press and my electric coffee machine and yum.

We drink it every morning and I love it. It's super strong in terms of caffeine. I only need one cup a day now.

Love the coffee!! I need more in my life. Totally recommend to cold brew.

I really liked it, both the fragrant smell and the rich taste are very nice.

It tasted good black, black + sugar, and with milk. Plus I like the smell of these beans!

Fueling Your Team & Education

One pound of coffee provides over 30 days of school