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The coffee:

Our dark roast coffee is named after Trojes, the immense coffee-producing region of Eastern Honduras bordering Nicaragua. 

Trojes is a crowd favorite with its smooth, low acidic characteristics and malty flavor that reminds us of sweet pipe tobacco. All of our Adelante beans are grown at 1,200m-1,400m then sent through a washed process before being sun-dried in family-owned solar dryers. 

The impact:

We fund two middle schools, started by Educate2Envision in 2016, in the communities of Los Angeles and El Guano within the Trojes region. As the most difficult communities to access, due to washed-out roads in the winter and dangerous cliffs, students previously had to stop studying after 6th grade.

There have now been three classes of first-generation middle school graduates. All of our students in Trojes are the children of smallholder coffee producers.