Our Story

What's in a name

"Seguir adelante” or “to move forward” - A common saying among rural communities in Honduras when speaking about the future. Adelante Coffee is about exactly that. Moving forward.

Each bag of coffee sold helps a student move forward in their education. A family moves forward because their child can achieve their goals. A community moves forward when its residents have higher earnings to invest in their families.

With each cup of Adelante, you too move forward with the start of another day.

And together - we all move forward.

What drives us

The coffee speaks for itself, so we want to give voice to the families and hard-working mothers who nurture and grow the beans that fill each bag of Adelante Coffee. Theirs isn’t a sob story, it’s a celebration of triumph over the odds. A community’s strength. Fair wages. And the better future each mother desires for their children through education.

So what's all this about "doing good while drinking coffee"?

In each community where Adelante Coffee is grown, we’re reinvesting profits back to the source by funding education for the children of our coffee farmers. Partnering with the nonprofit org, Educate2Envision, students will have access to education beyond 6th grade for the first time. Learn more about their work here. 

But we’re more than a good cause.

We’re committed to quality. We want to make sure your work day starts with the best-tasting cup of coffee that we can deliver. That’s why we support farmers through workshops on how to improve and protect their plants year round and ensure their premium-level quality is preserved each year, so they can receive the best prices possible. Each batch is treated like oro (“gold” the local term for green coffee beans) and cupped/scored by experts before packaging.

We’re not made up of professional coffee roasters, baristas, or coffee-experts of any kind. But these awesome people did have a big hand in showing us the ropes. The idea for Adelante Coffee was inspired by multiple years of experience working in schools across different Honduran rural communities. We've seen firsthand the financial challenges mothers face in keeping their families healthy and fulfilling their children's education dreams while only earning an average of $5 a day. We’ve taken extra care to understand each link in the chain - from family to farm to filter. Now we get to share this with all of you.

Adelante Coffee is currently a joint endeavor with the not-for-profit organization Educate2Envision International.