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 The coffee:

Our medium roast is named after the community of Zurzular, located in Francisco Morazan, Central Honduras, home to where Adelante first began sourcing coffee. 

Zurzular is a deliciously balanced cup, medium-bodied, with flavor notes of graham cracker and baker's chocolateAll of our Adelante beans are grown at 1,200m-1,400m then sent through a washed process before being sun-dried in family-owned solar dryers. 

The impact:

Over 100 students have been awarded scholarships to continue their middle school and high school education with Adelante profits. Opened in 2016, the Zurzular school population is 90% female which led to the creation of a Girls Club run by high school students. The Club inspires elementary school girls to continue their education and works to combat machismo by focusing on setting goals and building self-confidence.

The parents of Zurzular students make up the majority of Adelante producers. We have worked closely with this group to help them increase the value of their coffee through financial literacy workshops, quality improvement courses, and financing solar dryers.