Las Delicias

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 The coffee:

Our light roast coffee is named after the coffee-growing community of Las Delicias tucked away in the mountains of Central Honduras, home to nearly 60 families. 

Las Delicias is our brighter coffee with hints of orange rind and honey. All of our Adelante beans are grown at 1,200m-1,400m then sent through a washed process before being sun-dried in family-owned solar dryers. 

The impact:

The first middle school in the community's history opened in 2016 thanks to our nonprofit partner, Educate2Envision. Students in Las Delicias, all children of coffee-growers, are given opportunities, through the new school, to train as baristas and coffee graders. They also pay it forward in the community by providing laundry service to the elderly, leading clean water projects, and have even led efforts to improve hygiene and nutrition among elementary school children. Seventeen students have been awarded scholarships to attend middle school and high school.