The Process

Ready. Set. Gold 

The green coffee bean, the final product in the production process before roasting, is appropriately referred to in Spanish as "oro" or "gold". 

Adelante Coffee is all-natural single-origin coffee grown in two small communities hidden among the majestic mountains of Central Honduras. Each small batch of premium coffee beans is shade-grown beneath banana and orange trees and slowly sun-dried to perfection within the community.  

The starting point

Coffee cherries are picked by families from November - February.

Getting to the core

Depulping station once coffee cherries are picked

Rinse and repeat

After depulping, coffee is thoroughly washed and rinsed before being sent to dry.

Time to dry

Each batch is naturally dried on patios and in solar dryers, any defected beans are removed, then rested for up to a month at a moderate temperature before roasting.

Final stretch

After being milled, the "oro" is ready to be roasted and transform into the coffee that fills your cup.