Our Producers

The Women Behind Adelante Coffee

We use direct trade to purchase our beans. That means that we know each of our producers by name and purchase directly from them, eliminating the need for a middle man. We are committed to paying above market price that more justly compensates our partners' hard work to maintain their specialty-grade coffee. We share information and listen to their needs to ensure that they have the inputs necessary to grow the best quality coffee.

Meet some of the mothers and their daughters that your purchase supports
  • Blanca Carranza and her daughter Lourdes 

  • Iris Sauceda and her daughter Dariela

  • Elsa Mairena and her daughter Geydi

  • Gladis Velasquez and her daughter Saby

  • Aida Lopez Rodriguez and her daughter Katerine

  • Marta Maradiaga and her daughter Nohelia


 A Family's Walk

Rising early with the sun, families make the trek together to pick coffee along the mountain slope in the community of Zurzular.